10 Bucks

My fellow mellenial,

Just recently, I was seeing a short clip of the movie "Billions" ( have you seen it? It’s a great movie by the way😃😃) and in that clip Wendy was having a conversation with Taylor about the psychology of rational and irrational decision making processes, and the seeming consequences that follow making a bad decision. Wendy asked Taylor if she believed in the concept of God, to which the latter responded in the negative. Wendy further put out 10 bucks (dollars) with a notepad and asked Taylor to sell her soul, and as a sign of commitment append her signature on the note pad; Taylor was a little hesitant but in the end signed it. Now, for those who have seen the movie, there might be different lessons from it for you.

Here’s my point, we’re all at different times presented with the opportunity to give our souls and our value systems in exchange for something. In all cases, the item for which our value systems and souls are been weighed against for exchange never truly match it in worth. Its almost like we’re being asked to sell a Bentley for 1 dollar or even less. There’s so much weight that our souls and belief systems carry. It is always a danger to ever imagine that something can be worth exchanging for the precious values and beliefs you’ve had to build over time.

More importantly is the belief that we’re to have as Christians in this dying and perishing world. You see as believers we’re not without a hope. We have something tangible that every other person does not have (whether they agree to it or not). Like Paul said, if we have hope only in this world, we’re of all men most miserable. Our hope is not tied to this world. We have a home we’re actually headed for. You have to believe it. You have to know it. You have to believe like Jesus said that he’s gone to prepare a home for you. That in itself is the core of the Christian faith. Anything other than this is a lie. Its a barrage of lies cooked up to make you believe that everything starts and ends here.

We live in an intellectual world. I love intellectualism. I love to believe I’m an intellectual. More daunting is the fact that we live in a time that has seen the proliferation of information like no other time in human history. We have information accessible to us at the click of a button or a swipe. As beautiful as this is, it is a slippery path. Everything can be explained beautifully these days with advancements in sciences and the arts, including the concepts of eternity. As wonderful as these explanations might be, eternity is a reality too vast for the human mind to contain. It is beyond everything that man has ever been able to conceptualize. It is deep. It is as a result of this depth that man has come up with various methods and thought patterns to try to explain it away. But look here, eternity is a real thing, and like I’d always say, eternity is more real than the ground upon which you stand. Choose Jesus today.

Will you sign away your soul on a notepad for 10 bucks?

Until next week, stay raptureable🙏🙏



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