I just saw an accident. (Your invitation to walk with the Holy Spirit)

Hi there,

How are you today and how was your week?

I’m about to describe something quite graphic, as much as I do not want to go through with describing this, it is of the essence that I actually do for it to help pass the message of today’s article very well.

Picture this: the day is the 30th of July, 2021 and the time is just about half past five in the evening, I’m in a taxi coming back from the timber market at Jabi, Abuja. After I get past the airport junction heading towards CITEC estate junction, I notice a young lady, maybe within the age range of 23–28 years trying to cross the busy road (for Abuja residents you know how busy that road can be). She has crossed the first lane of the road, and she’s now trying to cross the second lane to the pedestrian walkway. All of a sudden I realise that she’s making a forward and backward movement because the other vehicles coming are on high speed, and just at the same time, another driver, a man, notices her forward and backward movement and is also trying to avoid hitting her so this makes the driver in his bid to avoid a hit keep going from left to right, and it further increases the forward and backward movement from the lady. All of a sudden the next thing I see is a collision between this driver and the lady. The lady is thrown into the air as a result of the impact, hits the tarred road with her head region and her eyes are open with just the sclera(white part of the eye) showing. At the same time that this collision has happened, because of the impact the driver is badly injured, with his car diverting into a bushy area, hits a tree, has his airbag come out of his steering wheel, and is also unconscious. As all this was happening from when I noticed the forward and backward movement of the lady, all I was shouting was JESUS! JESUS!! JESUS!!! I’m hoping you’ve tried to imagine it. It was a sorry sight. It was really a sorry sight.

Now the reason I took the time to explain that event is because we’re all on the high way of life. We’re all crossing the very busy roads of life, and the truth is we can never be too careful as we cross the roads that life has made for us. There are very busy vehicular movements that happen as we journey through life. These movements come in different shapes and types. There’s really no one way to describe how these movements occur. The truth is that we are all expected to cross through to the other side of the road unscathed and unscratched. But the bigger question now is, how many of us can cross the ‘roads of life' without problems. The answer is none of us. That is why we need the Holy Spirit.

Every single day countless accidents happen to people in different forms. For some, it is emotional, physical, financial or spiritual. Some people lose their loved ones or lose their sources of income or are consistently emotionally blackmailed by those who they really thought loved them only to realise they were only been used. The impacts of such is crazy, and like the lady in my story was thrown into the air and hit the ground, they are thrown unawares and the impact they have on reaching the ground leaves them shattered and broken. The truth is that no one really knows how to cross the roads of life. We’re all just learning after all. This is where the Holy Spirit helps us.

The only person that knows the speed with which the next vehicle is coming with and who can effectively guide us through our walk on the earth is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the only proper and efficient guide we all need. The world is tough and busy like we already know it. It only makes sense that we listen to the Holy Spirit and allow the gentle demeanour that this Spirit of God has to guide us. This were the words of Jesus in relation to the Holy Spirit as our guide: “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, [that] shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.” The propensities of the Holy Spirit is only geared towards guiding. That’s the job description the Spirit of God has as a part of the Godhead.

I want to invite you today to consciously allow the Holy Spirit play centre stage in your life. There’s no need for life to be too difficult, it already is. Tilt your desires, cravings and longings to the government of the Holy Spirit and watch yourself literally cross the roads of life like you’re the master of the road.

Just in case you’re not born again, you CAN’T enjoy the blessedness of having the Holy Spirit as your guide. Make that decision today. Accept Christ today as your Lord and Saviour. This is the first step to having an accident free life here on earth.

Until next week, stay raptureable 🙏🙏



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